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Ziggy the Wine Gal’s 2019 Holiday Cocktail

Here is the recipe for Ziggy the Wine Gal’s 2019 Holiday Cocktail – The Polar Express!

The Polar Express
3oz Countess Walewska Vodka
3oz Cranberry Juice (100% Juice: not mixed juice or cocktail)
1 1/2oz Monarch Cardamom Clove Syrup
1oz Fresh Lime Juice
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice, shake til cold. Strain into a vintage cocktail coupe and garnish!

Garnish: Fresh Rosemary twig w/sugared cranberries
OPTIONS: If you like the fizz, strain cocktail into a collins shaped glass, add ice and club soda/seltzer, stir and garnish. IF you have someone who’s on the zero proof plan, just omit the vodka- still tastes great- just not spirited. Lol!


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