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Bob Sala’s story is a truly fascinating tale. And here it is. Bob was born in Palo Alto, California many years ago. At the age of three his family moved to Pasadena , of course Bob went along. He lived in the So Cal area for some time, going to school, messing around and other activities. Bob traveled to some of the great beaches of the world, and visited London , New York City and Wyoming . Along the way, Sala was fortunate to study under the revered broadcaster Donald O. Martin, thus receiving a first class education. To make a long story short, Bob found himself employed by Wine Country Radio at the “Krush”. And here we are. Further info will be available in Bob’s as yet written biography or on his non-existent blog.

Bob Sala’s Favorites
Favorite Music Festival:  Strawberry Music Festival
Favorite Music:  Carolina Chocolate Drops, Belleville Outfit, Max Buda Band
Favorite Local Restaurants:  In & Out, Stormy’s, Lucas Wharf
Favorite Jeweler:  Michael & Company
Favorite Beers:  Guinness, Lagunitas
Favorite Actress:  Gloria Grahame
Favorite Feed Store:  Western Farm Center
Favorite Markets:  Trader Joe’s, Away-We-Go Markets
Favorite Religious Icons:  Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Francis
Favorite Venue:  Mystic Theatre