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Bon Jovi release new holiday song, “Christmas Isn’t Christmas”


Bon Jovi has released the new original holiday song, “Christmas Isn’t Christmas”. Jon Bon Jovi said of the song: “‘Christmas Isn’t Christmas’ is a song that I wrote about family. The sentiment that Christmas really isn’t Christmas without YOU which can bring up a lot of memories for people. I also liked to turn it around and know that because of you Christmas IS Christmas.”

Bon Jovi said he originally wrote the song two years ago when his parents fell ill during the holidays, sharing in an Instagram video“It was a tough day in the house. My dad and my mom had both taken ill, and I wrote this as a gift to my parents and my children. The gift was that Christmas was bringing everyone together and while were weren’t all together, we can only be there in our memories, and in our thoughts, and our prayers. When we shot the video and we started conversing about it we realized that there’s also a great sunny side: Christmas isn’t Christmas without you, unless you’re here with me. So we can lighten the mood, too. I hope you like it as much as we do.”

Along with the release of “Christmas Isn’t Christmas” is a Bon Jovi Monopoly board game, commemorating the band’s 40th anniversary in 2024. The board game can be pre-ordered at the band’s official store and is priced at $49.99, and boasts properties, tokens, and other elements inspired by Bon Jovi’s history. The six collectible tokens that come with the game were based on Bon Jovi’s heart-and-dagger logo; the smirk face that appears on the ‘Have a Nice Day’ album cover; the Superman logo (which Jon Bon Jovi has tattooed on his left shoulder); the group’s home state of New Jersey; the Bon Jovi skull logo; and Jon’s signature acoustic guitar.

To buy/stream “Christmas Isn’t Christmas,” head here.

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