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F. Murray Abraham apologizes after ‘Mythic Quest’ firing due to allegations of misconduct


A recent Rolling Stone article alleged that F. Murray Abraham was fired from the Apple TV+ comedy series Mythic Quest last year because of sexual misconduct allegations made against him.  At least two concerns were raised about Abraham’s behavior, with the first incident resulting in Abraham being given a warning and told to keep away from some of the show’s actresses, according to a production source. After a second alleged incident was brought to creator and star Rob McElhenney’s attention, Abraham was let go ahead of Season 3.

Now the 83-year-old actor is apologizing publicly for what happened. Abraham shared in a statement: “This is a sincere and deeply felt apology. Though never my intention to offend anyone, I told jokes, nothing more, that upset some of my colleagues and as a result lost a great job with wonderful people. I have grown in my understanding from this experience, and I hope they will forgive me.”  

Lionsgate Television, which produces “Mythic Quest,” previously said in a statement: “We take allegations of misconduct seriously and investigate them thoroughly. As a matter of corporate policy, we do not comment on personnel actions.”  Additionally, none of the stars of “Mythic Quest” have publicly commented on the misconduct report at the time of this publishing.

Abraham portrayed C.W. Longbottom in Mythic Quest, an award-winning fantasy author who works as a head game writer for the show’s namesake video game. Abraham’s exit was addressed in the Season 3 premiere with Longbottom, diagnosed with a terminal illness, scripting his own ending by driving off a cliff into the Grand Canyon and having his remains launched into space. McElhenney told Variety last year: “It’s a bummer to not have Murray in this season. But we recognize that C.W. is a beloved character and obviously a huge part of the show. So, we made sure that we have a really fitting tribute to him.”

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