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Post Malone & Roddy Ricch team up for the new single ‘Cooped Up’


Post Malone has dropped the follow-up to his hit song ‘One Right Now’ (featuring The Weeknd) with the release of his new single with Roddy Ricch titled ‘Cooped Up.’

Said Post about Roddy: “He’s just such an incredible man and just a natural performer and vocalist and lyricist. And he just gets after it, and it’s so cool. And he’s such a beautiful, beautiful man. And so talented, man. I’m so pumped.”   Post also said of their new collab: “I’m trying, man. I’m trying. I’ve been out of my bag for a long time, and I’m trying to hop back in there, man. We knew what we wanted to say, and we knew what we wanted to express, not only in a song but in that particular moment on the album. And yeah, it just came super naturally. I couldn’t even tell you. I was probably on the s***ter when I wrote it. And so, there’s a lot of things very much so on this record that are tongue in cheek. And I think this whole record is the most honest record I’ve made, and I’m so pumped for people to hear it. But every song in there tells a story, so this is kind of like, “Here’s the life that we live, but there’s always something going on in the background.”

Listen to the new single from Post and Roddy ‘Cooped Up’ – here.

Editorial credit: April Visuals / Shutterstock.com

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