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Jason Reitman pays tribute to his late father, director/producer Ivan Reitman


Director Jason Reitman took to Twitter to pay tribute to his late father, “Ghostbusters” creator Ivan Reitman, with whom he worked on the sequel “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. Ivan Reitman died in his sleep at his home on Saturday night. He was 75.

Reitman tweeted with a picture of him as a boy alongside his father: “I’ve lost my hero. All I want is the chance to tell my father one more story. He came from a family of survivors and turned his legacy into laughter. Thank you for the kind messages. Enjoy his movies and remember his storytelling gifts. Nothing would make him happier.”

Like his father, Jason Reitman has achieved great success as a filmmaker, receiving four Oscar nominations including two for Best Director for his work on “Juno” and the Best Picture-nominated “Up In The Air.” In 2019 that he took up the sci-fi film franchise that his father made famous and became director of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” with Ivan Reitman serving as a producer. The father-son duo promoted “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” together, with Jason Reitman saying at the time: “For 40 years, the one question I was asked more than any other was, ‘Are you going to make a ‘Ghostbusters’ movie?’ I decided now was the time because … I wanted to make a movie for my father and I wanted to make a movie for my daughter.”

Jason Reitman Honors Father Ivan Reitman: “I’ve Lost My Hero”

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