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Legendary Actor Hal Holbrook Passes Away at 95

Legendary actor, Hal Holbrook has passed away at the age of 95. Holbrook reportedly died back on January 23rd in his Beverly Hills home as revealed by his longtime assistant this week to the New York Times.

Holbrook was a multi-Emmy winning actor, playing iconic figures such as Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln; he won a Tony and an Emmy, respectively, for those portrayals. He appeared in numerous films including All the President’s Men and Into the Wild, and starred with Martin Sheen in the groundbreaking 1972 TV movie That Certain Summer, in which they portrayed a gay couple. Holbrook appeared on the 1980s sitcom Designing Women. starring with his wife, actress Dixie Carter, who died in 2010. His final screen roles came on television when he was 92 on Grey’s Anatomy and Hawaii Five-0.

Holbrook is survived by three children, two stepdaughters, two grandchildren and two step-grandchildren.

All The President’s Men actor Hal Holbrook dies

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