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Halsey confirms the release of their new single ‘So Good’


Halsey has confirmed the release of their new single ‘So Good’ — after the artist went viral on social media to complain about their record label’s refusal to release the song.

Halsey took to social media to explain the situation in a TikTok video, explaining how they are being prevented from releasing a brand-new song they have been working on.   The TikTok video has since been watched 8.9 million times, and their follow-up video, which added clarification to the situation, racked up over 4.8 million views. “My record company is saying that I can’t release it unless they can fake a viral moment on TikTok,” Halsey said.

However in a turn of events, Halsey announced they will now be able to release So Good on June 9 alongside an accompanying music video the following day. Taking to Twitter, the singer wrote: “I didn’t expect so much conversation about this record, all I know is that I wanted you guys to hear it and now you can. So Good, song on June 9th and video the next day. Endy gave me my flowers.”

Editorial credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

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