CULTURE CLUB – Fridays at 9:30am

Always fond of the sound of her own voice, Gretchen Giles joins the Krush as a music host after a long career as a North Bay print journalist.
The award-winning former editor of the North Bay Bohemian and the founding editor of Made Local Magazine, Gretchen has been participating in and helping to shape the local cultural scene since 1993.
A lover of lunch, the downward-facing dog, the smell of garlic in warm olive oil, Shakespeare’s bloodiest plays, and spending the entire month of July clambering up waterfalls, Gretchen brings her unique sensibility and ability to just talk and talk and talk to the Krush.
When not chattering away, Gretchen is involved with the DIY goodness of the Maker Movement, writes about food, is active in cannabis culture, and is working on an essayistic recipe book about gourmet local car camping which she might just complete having bragged about it here.