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Cast for Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ prequel series to feature Patrick Dempsey, Christian Slater, Patrick Gibson

Christian Slater arrives for the 2018 Hollywood Film Awards on November 4^ 2018 in Beverly Hills^ CA

Paramount+ with Showtime has announced more cast members to the ‘Dexter’ prequel series, Dexter: Original Sin, taking place in Miami in 1991, 15 years before the beginning of the original series Dexter. The original Dexter had an eight-season run on Showtime from 2006 to 2013, starring Michael C. Hall as vigilante serial killer Dexter, with Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter’s sister, Debra and James Remar as Harry.

An official synopsis of Dexter: Original Sin reads: “When his bloodthirsty urges can’t be ignored any longer, Dexter must learn to channel his inner darkness. With the guidance of his father, Harry (Slater), he adopts a Code designed to help him find and kill people who deserve to be eliminated from society without getting on law enforcements’ radar. This is a particular challenge for young Dexter as he begins a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department.”

Patrick Gibson will portray the young Dexter Morgan in Dexter: Original Sin, as he transitions from student to avenging serial killer. The series also will star Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) as Harry Morgan, a homicide detective and Dexter’s adoptive father, and Molly Brown (Senior Year) as Debra Morgan, Dexter’s younger sister.

Paramount+ with Showtime also announced four additional cast members — James Martinez, Christina Milian, Alex Shimizu and Reno Wilson — who have starring roles in upcoming series. Martinez will play a young Angel Batista, an up-and-coming homicide detective, while Milian has been cast as Maria LaGuerta, Miami Metro’s first female homicide detective. Shimizu will portray Vince Masuka, a forensic analyst, and Wilson will portray the new character Bobby Watt, Harry’s longtime partner and confidant.

In addition, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alum Patrick Dempsey has joined the ensemble cast in the role of Aaron Spencer, captain of Miami Metro Homicide. Spencer has a long relationship with Christian Slater’s character Harry Morgan, the title character’s adoptive father. Paramount Global co-CEO Chris McCarthy said in a statement: “Patrick Dempsey is a beloved actor who is internationally known for the iconic characters he has played and his performances.  We are thrilled to have him join our all-star cast of Dexter: Original Sin, the highly anticipated origin story of the franchise.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that original Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips, who returned to finish off Michael C. Hall’s journey as Dexter in the 2021 limited series Dexter: New Blood, will serve in the same capacity on Original Sin.

Season 1 of Dexter: Original Sin will consist of 10 episodes and air on Paramount+ with Showtime. The show will also stream on Paramount+.

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