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Justin Bieber to provide free therapy to tour crew and fans

Justin Bieber is offering free online therapy to his fans and those working on his world tour. Bieber announced his partnership with online therapy platform ‘BetterHelp,’ to provide free therapy for fans and his tour crew of over 250 people. Said Bieber in a statement: “The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that we all go through our ups and downs, and we all need help sometimes.”

BetterHelp, the world’s largest therapy service, said that the mental health services being offered are worth up to $3 million, and Bieber is not being compensated for this initiative. Fans will have access to one free month of online therapy which they can redeem for themselves or a friend or family member in need. Bieber is also offering 18 months of free therapy for his 250+ person touring crew.

BetterHelp’s website posted: “Whether you’re on the road or just going through it – your mental health matters. Justin is teaming up with BetterHelp to bring therapy to the crew on tour, and now you can get free access to a month of therapy too. Or, just send this to someone in need. Justin is doing it for his crew, do it for yours too.”

To redeem your free month of therapy, visit betterhelp.com/justinbieber. The offer is only available to users who have never received therapy with BetterHelp before.

Editorial credit: Babak Rachpoot / Shutterstock.com

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