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Saracina Smash

Saracina Smash

Handful of very ripe strawberries, chopped

1/2 oz. Meyer Lemon simple syrup

Saracina Sauvignon Blanc

Meyer Lemon, sliced (quarter 2 of the slices)

Garnish of your choice

Stemless wine glass or Collins-style glass

Add strawberries to glass and muddle. Add simple syrup and stir. Then, add sauvignon blanc and stir. Add Meyer lemon slices and lightly muddle to release oils. Finally add a measure of ice, stir, garnish, and enjoy!



Wine of the Week

Saracina Sauvignon Blanc, Mendocino County

Cool, crisp, sassy and delightful. Hints of citrus and tropical fruit

2019 Saracina Vineyards Skid Rose, Mendocino County

Beautify dry on the palate with notes of wild strawberry, young cherry, a hint of hibiscus and a lingering finish.

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