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Tune in to KRSH Evenings with Amber!
Every Monday through Friday 7pm-10pm.

          Amber arrived in Sonoma County in 2009 from Virginia (that sure was a long drive!). Even before she began working for Wine Country Radio, she tuned in daily to the Krush 95.9. Growing up she listened to Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, and Lyle Lovett- the many influences of her father. Finally, she found radio that played the songs she loved!
           Her radio career began as a part-time promotions assistant and grew to be the Director of Promotions for the Krush. Voicing commercials and practicing in the wee hours of the overnight shift, Amber hoped to one day be able to share her enthusiasm for music with listeners. Practice and patience pays off! As of September 2013, Amber is the voice on KRSH 95.9 during mid-days!
            When not in the KRSH studio, you can find Amber at concerts (one a week at least!). She will be the girl dancing like no one is watching.

Amber's Favorites

To Drink: REVIVE Kombucha and Russian River Brewing Co. sours

To Eat:  My guy's mushroom chicken by chef Ramsey and anything of asian persuasion

To Read:  Right now, I'm reading the Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

To Watch: Every single cooking competition, Parks and Rec, X-Files